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Maaree christmas bundle gift box

Warum MAAREE Geschenkboxen das perfekte Weihnachtsgeschenk für die Frauen in Ihrem Leben sind

MAAREE Christmas Gift Boxes

You know our motto: “Women supporting women”. Because, let’s admit it, there’s no better feeling of knowing that your girls got your back (or boobs, in this case). Ok, that’s weird.

At MAAREE we’re all about sisterhood. We craft products for women or anyone who identifies as such to show they have our support (literally). 

We imagine the story behind every single woman who decides to buy one of our Sports Bras or Mighty T-shirts. We wonder: “What’s her biggest dream?”, What is she afraid of?”, “What will she hide in her Secret Pocket Scrunchie?” 

If you already bought from us, you know we always go the extra mile to cater to you in the best way possible. We want you to feel good in your own skin. We want you to validate your beautiful body through our products. But, most importantly, we want you to feel at ease. 

So, let us guess. This year is the same old story, isn’t it? You don’t know what to buy for those incredible women in your life – your mum, sisters, girlfriends. 

Spoiler alert: we can help. Not only do we have lots of goodies you can choose from; we even combined them to deliver badass overload. 

All this to say that… our gift shop is open 24/7! 

The perfect present this Christmas? One of our curated gift boxes. 

“And why is that, MAAREE?” Hear me out:

( . )( . ) You buy something that they didn’t know they needed (pretty sure they’ll thank you later)
( . )( . ) You buy something that makes them feel more confident 
( . )( . ) You have a story to tell on how MAAREE started
( . )( . ) You support small businesses and not you-know-who (#forevergrateful)

With the festive season fast approaching, we picked a selection of our favourites and came up with a lovely package we’re sure they won’t throw away.

Want to get inspired? Keep scrolling. 


MAAREE Solidarity Sports Bra Plus Gift Box

This perfect Christmas gift box includes our award-winning Solidarity High Impact Sports Bra. You can choose between coral and black. And if you’re unsure of the right size, please know that we offer free fittings, returns and exchanges in the UK for total ease of mind, plus an extended returns period until January 31st 2022. Doesn’t get any better than that. 

Did we mention that our Overband® technology uses stiffened fabrics orientated to create a curved structure over the top of the breasts? Your girlfriend can rely on enhanced support that stabilises upward motion when exercising. We’re not telling you she might even forget about her boobs for a moment but we’re telling you. Comfort at its finest.

👌🏽 Perfect for: The sporty kinda gurl 
💰 Price: £ 69.00
​​👉🏼 Buy it HERE or click on the picture above 


MAAREE Three Mighty T-Shirt Gift Box

This one is for never running out of basic T-shirts. The women in your life need them because they go with basically anything! Shorts, skirts, leggings. They’ll even make their pyjamas jealous. They come in three beautiful colours: rose, marl grey and emerald. 

And did we mention they’re so soft your girls will always choose them over 80% of their wardrobe? Let us package this up in a beautiful MAAREE gift box they can reuse.

👌🏽 Perfect for: The casual-chic kinda gurl 
💰 Price: £ 95.00
​​👉🏼 Buy it HERE or click on the picture above

The ESSENTIALS gift box

MAAREE Essentials Gift Box

Our essentials selection for the top and the bottom of the human body. Opposites attract after all, don’t they? In this gift box, the woman of your choice will receive two pairs of our award-winning Ankle Socks, two Secret Pocket Scrunchies and a MAAREE locker token keyring (so she can find her keys in that Mary Poppins bag of hers). Don’t judge. You also have one.

You can choose between white and grey socks, and a pink & red or green & blue scrunchie combo. Or buy two boxes so you don’t have any remorse. 

👌🏽 Perfect for: The got-my-sh*t-together kinda gurl
💰 Price: £ 30.00
​​👉🏼 Buy it HERE or click on the picture above

The THREE SOCK gift box

MAAREE Three Sock Gift Box

Her silky feet need to be protected. This one is the perfect gift for those who have a penchant for new socks at Christmas. We know who you are. Then our award-winning Sock-it-to-me Socks are as perfect as you. Also great for when life socks. 

Simply select a colour for each pair (white or grey) and we'll do the rest. 

👌🏽 Perfect for: The you’ll-never-walk-alone kinda gurl
💰 Price: £ 20.00
​​👉🏼 Buy it HERE or click on the picture above



Don’t use plastic or nonreusable packaging. Buy one of our gift boxes instead. Your girls will know where to hide their journal. Or perhaps they’ll use it to collect their bills and fines. 

👌🏽 Perfect for: ‘Wrapping’ your Christmas presents
💰 Price: £ 5.00
​​👉🏼 Buy it HERE or click on the picture above


MAAREE Gift Card

Looking to give a gift but worried about ordering the wrong size or colour? We've got you covered! Our Digital Gift Card is a perfect solution, and it’s available immediately upon purchase. Practical tip: store it on your phone.

With this gift card, we offer a FREE bra fitting that can be arranged at your (or her) leisure.

Pick a selection of the variants to add up to the value you would like to gift. Valid for a whole year. 

👌🏽 Perfect for: The pragmatic kinda gurl
💰 Price: £ 10.00, £ 25.00, £ 50.00, £ 100.00
​​👉🏼 Buy it HERE or click on the picture above

So, what ya waiting for?

Check our gift shop and make a woman happy this Christmas. 

Oh and just for the record, nobody said that woman can’t be you.

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