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Maaree Sports Bra Testing in a laboratory

Wie wir unsere revolutionären Sport-BHs testen | MAAREE

Hi, Mari here. As you may already know, I used to be a sports bra tester. This involved evaluating the performance of sport bras for a number of the big brands under lab conditions.

It was during my time here that I first thought of a sports bra with an Overband® and so it was incredibly rewarding to now be testing my own designs.

Sports Bra Measuring


Breasts move in a 3D figure of eight when we're running and so it's important that we make this pattern as small as possible. This allows us to protect the Cooper's Ligament, whilst also ensuring that the bra is comfortable to wear.

Providing the best support possible is vital for our health and preventing breast pain or sagging. Especially for those of us with bigger boobs allowing us to maintain an active lifestyle. By collecting 3D motion capture of the breasts when running we can accurately deduce how well the sports bra is performing.


MAAREE sports bra testing


This testing requires placing 5 markers on the upper body. Three on stationary parts of the body; the clavicle and sternum, and two on the fullest part of the breasts. This is so we can compare the difference in motion of these different locations.

Sports Bra Testing


The participant then runs for a couple of minutes on a treadmill while the cameras in front track the motion of the markers during this activity. Measuring how well the bra supports and prevents movement.

High Impact Sports Bra


We can then analyse the movement of each individual marker and determine how well the bra supports. You can also use this information to compare multiple bra designs against each another. Figuring out in what ways you can improve the designs.






This is the 3D model of our participant running on the treadmill in our lab in our Solidarity Bra. (Slowed down to half the speed).

We can easily view the motion of the markers and compare how much the breasts move in comparison to the more stationary parts of the body.

So basically, the less the horizontal line moves compares to the triangle, the better the bra!

Many sports bras on the market are designed and produced without this testing completed. Therefore it's not known how well they will actually perform.

Sports bras are an essential piece of kit for women, so please be sure to take care purchasing the perfect one for you and your activity.

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