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We know that bra fitting can often be tricky. So we're here assist you every step of the way.

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Chat with one of our expert fitters to give you 1-on-1 help to find your perfect fit.

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Common Issues

Suffer from chaffing? Don't understand bra sizing? Head to 'common issues'.

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Check your measurement locations and international conversion charts.

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Answering all the questions you may have about sports bras and sizing.

Measurement Locations

Be sure to use a non-stretch fabric tape measure. Then, using the information and charts below or the sizing calculators on the product pages, you can find your ideal size for all MAAREE products.

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International Conversion Charts

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Solving Common Issues

Everything you need to know to prevent sports bra chafing

Activities that combine sweat and repeated motions of the body can lead to chafing unless you choose clothing that is tested – like yours truly.

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Hand on head in pink sports bra

Frustrated with your sports bra? - Here are 6 reasons why

Frustrated with your sports bra? Find yourself having to wear two sports to get enough support? Can't find one that's comfortable? Here's why.

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Understanding Sister Sizing to Find the Perfect Sports Bra Fit

How understanding 'sister sizing' can unlock our understanding of the often misunderstood topic of bra sizing.

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