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Winning sports bra print MAAREE

Der Gewinner des limitierten Empower Sport-BHs der Ausgabe 2021

Natasha Jones

 Natasha Jones


We are so proud and honoured to announce Natasha Jones as the Winner of this Year's Limited Edition Empower Sports Bra Design Competition. We opened the competition on International Women's Day back in March of this year in support of CoppaFeel!.

Natasha's design really stood out to me as it celebrated the beauty of the female form in movement, which resonates with MAAREE so well. It cleverly creates a camouflage pattern from the use of lines and colours included in her print, which lends itself very well to sportswear.

50% of the profits of every single sale of this bra and A4 print will be donated to CoppaFeel! supporting them in the amazing work that they do in reminding young women to regularly check their boobs for signs of breast cancer.

Congratulations Natasha!

Here are some words from Natasha and what this achievement means to her:

"I am Natasha Jones, and I am about to start my final year of MEng in Sports Engineering at Loughborough University. Last year Mari visited Loughborough to share her experience and I found her presentation extremely motivating. Inspired by Mari’s journey I was keen to further my links with a fellow sports engineering female entrepreneur and so I decided to enter her competition.

I strongly connected with Mari’s presentation on the importance of empowering women, and so I wanted my design to symbolise this. The different shapes I incorporated were representative of all female body shapes, sizes, and skin colours. Whilst maintaining an abstract feel. One key feature I wanted to highlight was how none of the shapes overlap. It was important to me to represent lots of different women all together supporting each other without being in competition.

 As a budding engineer, about to graduate, winning this competition is a confidence boost in my own ideas and abilities. The Coppafeel charity whose core values are inclusivity, positivity, and creativity are the perfect recipient of any proceeds. I am proud that my Empower Sports Bra design may help their work in some small way."

You can shop the collection here.

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