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White MAAREE Empower Sports Bra is Women's Running Sports Bra of the Year

Revolutionary Running: MAAREE Voted Best Sports Bra for Smaller Boobs!

We've been awarded the prestigious 'Best Sports Bra of the Year' title by Women's Running Magazine, and we're bursting with pride and gratitude. This is the 4th year in a row that MAAREE has won this award. But it's the first time it's been granted to our Empower Sports Bra!

MAAREE Empower Sports Bra White

Empower Sports Bra - White

We've been previously praised for providing the best support for bigger boobs, however, we've also now been called "revolutionary" for supporting smaller busts. We are so thrilled to be providing the best support for all shapes and sizes! In this blog post, we'll dive into what makes MAAREE the best sports bra specifically for smaller boobs and why it's the ultimate choice for your running adventures.

Unveiling the Best Sports Bra for Smaller Boobs

At MAAREE, we believe in empowerment, and that includes empowering every woman, regardless of their bra size, to conquer their fitness goals. Our award-winning Empower Sports Bra boasts the remarkable Overband® Technology, designed to keep you secure and comfortable during even the most vigorous workouts. With full coverage and support, this sports bra is your running partner for life!

MAAREE Empower Sports Bra Black

Empower Sports Bra - Black

Overband® Technology: Your New BFF

Now, let's talk about the magic behind the MAAREE Empower Sports Bra – the Overband® Technology. It's not just a feature; it's a game-changer. Designed to halt any upward movement, this curved panel integrated into the sports bra ensures that your smaller boobs stay where they should be, no matter how intense your run gets. It's like a loyal friend that's got your back, or rather, your front!

Not Just a Sports Bra – A Revolution!

No matter your size, you deserve the perfect balance of support and comfort. However, we know that these needs can differ a little depending on what size you are.

We understand how our Solidarity Sports Bra has been a hit with the larger-busted ladies. As it has adjustable straps, reinforced fabric, convertible straps and an adjustable Overband®. From our years of experience, we've come to realise that women with small busts often prefer a lower-profile bra, a more elastic (yet still highly supportive) fabric, and a racerback style that you don't need to wrestle to get on and off.

Enter our Empower Sports Bra. Solving all of these issues, and suitable for cup sizes all the way up to E/F cup. So it's not just the smaller busted that it can fit.

Oh, and did we mention that is also has a phone-sized pocket? Yup, it does!

MAAREE Empower Sports bra Navy Phone Pocket

Empower Sports Bra - Navy

What Women's Running Magazine Had to Say

Our excitement level reached the sky when we read what Mel from Women's Running Magazine had to say.

"I loved the overage of this sports bra which makes you feel very secure. The Empower has MAAREE's Overband® Technology, which stops upward movement, and for smaller boobs is nothing short of revolutionary. The best running bra there is."

MAAREE Winner of Best sports bra women's running magazine

Her words resonated with us because they reflect the essence of MAAREE – empowering women in their fitness journey. Mel's experience with our Empower Sports Bra showcases its unbeatable performance and comfort.


MAAREE started after our founder, Mari, was a sports bra tester under laboratory conditions for other brands and couldn't find her ultimate support. We wanted to change this and offer a level of support, comfort and great designs for every woman. Whether you're an experienced runner or just starting your fitness journey, we want to offer a sports bra style that's suitable for all. So we will keep innovating, keep expanding our size range and keep challenging what is possible.

We hope you can join us for the journey and that we can keep supporting each other.

Read more about our story here.


In conclusion, MAAREE is immensely proud to receive the 'Best Sports Bra of the Year' award from Women's Running Magazine. We want to thank our incredible community for your continued support, and we promise to keep revolutionising sports bras for women everywhere. Together, we'll conquer every mile and make every run an empowering adventure. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at our collection now – because every woman deserves the best!

Women's Running Magazine Cover Apparel Awards Sports Bra
- Read the full Women's Running Magazine review here.

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