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woman doing a self breast exam

Oktober ist der Monat der Brustkrebsvorsorge: Überprüfen Sie sich selbst

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the perfect time to bring even more awareness to an issue we often hold close to our chests.

Since our goal at MAAREE is to look out for your boobies and your health so you can achieve your goals, breast health awareness is one extra way we can support you (in addition to the Overband support kind of way ;) ). 

Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon with two hands holding it

What is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

For us, October Breast Cancer Awareness Month is much more than a campaign or a conversation or a color. 

It’s a chance to bring even more awareness to an issue with an impact that reaches far beyond a specific month. 

As a woman-owned small business committed to bringing you the right tools. To live an active, healthy lifestyle. Naturally, the message of October Breast Cancer Awareness Month is completely aligned with our (wo)mantra. We want our fellow women to have access to education, screening and support that is necessary to combat breast cancer and extend survival rates. 

In fact, it’s why I recently completed a 100-kilometer trek across the Scottish Highlands to raise money for the charity CoppaFeel! and breast cancer awareness. It was a week of highs and lows, but our team pushed ourselves physically and mentally because this cause is near and dear to our hearts.


MAAREE Trek Coppafeel


Sadly, many of us may have been touched by breast cancer personally. As a patient, friend, caregiver or loved one. However, the positive news is that breast cancer screenings and early detection can make all the difference. 

According to Cancer Research UK, breast cancer prevention is possible in about 23 percent of cases. What an amazing statistic and proof that awareness = prevention!

That means for many women, early detection is possible when you know what to look for. 

How to detect breast cancer early:

  • choose to get breast cancer screenings
  • know the risk factors for breast cancer
  • give yourself regular check-ups

These are just a few things you can do. As always, we encourage you to educate yourself about this issue and speak with your GP or a health professional. 


So, how can we promote breast cancer awareness? Most importantly, we want to encourage you to be your own breast health advocate. 

How to do that:

  • know your boobs, know your body
  • discover your personal risk factors for breast cancer, i.e. genetics, age, family history, medical history, etc. 
  • be open with your doctor and get comfortable asking questions
  • learn about the signs and symptoms of early breast cancer detection
  • commit to regular breast cancer screenings

Now, we know that sometimes, our boobies are often misunderstood (why up to 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size!). So if the thought of giving yourself a regular check-up is a tad overwhelming, the non-profit organization CoppaFeel! has you covered with The Self-Checkout. It is an easy, step-by-step guide for checking out “the gals” at home.

We hope you give it a look and give yourself a “self-checkout” while you’re at it. 

overhead view of woman sitting in a bathtub


Speaking of CoppaFeel!, perhaps you’ve seen our Limited Edition Empower Sports Bra and print, a collaboration between MAAREE, the public, and the nonprofit organisation.

In March 2021, we launched a competition in honor of International Women’s Day and asked the public to create the design. Natasha Jones’ winning artwork featured on the bra displays the female body in movement in a clever and sophisticated “camouflage” pattern. The design is bold, fun and the perfect fit for our MAAREE community of women. 

Breast cancer awareness merchandise, MAAREE Limited Edition sportsbra

But here’s the really good part. For every single sale of our Limited Edition Empower Sports Bra and print, 50% of the profits will go directly to CoppaFeel!. The nonprofit is committed to encouraging young people to regularly check their boobs and pecs. 

We are thrilled with the support you’ve shown! Our Limited Edition Empower Sports Bra has been flying off the shelves!

It will be available through all of October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2021, so don’t miss this amazing opportunity to own this gorgeous design and support a wonderful charity. 

CoppaFeel!’s message is simple and one we wholeheartedly believe when it comes to breast health and breast cancer prevention: knowing your “normal” could save your life. 

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