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MAAREE VOOM campaign of lady wearing black sports bra

MAAREE & VOOM, Präsentation vor Sir Richard Branson

MAAREE's Sports Bras are available now!

We have entered the VOOM competition for a chance to pitch our new sports bra designs to Richard Branson himself! We are crowdfunding alongside it also, so you can order your bras for a limited time, starting today! 

MAAREE Solidarity Sports Bra

Not only that, we are offering you FREE SHIPMENT too!

You can view MAAREE's video pitch right now which shows you all the behind-the-scenes work that has gone into making these great products to you and we hope that you can spare 2 minutes to view it. 

There are two ways you can help MAAREE:

  1. Vote for us. The pitches with the most votes get shortlisted to win!
  2. Pledge to order your own bra(s)!

Voting is open! Please vote for us now and share our message far and wide on social media, to help us solve a problem for other women out there. Please note that you are purchasing the bras via a crowdfunding platform set up by MAAREE, VOOM & Crowdfunder. Estimated delivery for all bras is 29/10/18. 

MAAREE Empower Sports Bra

Thank you for your support! We hope to continue supporting you too.


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MAAREE Coral Solidarity Sports Bra Overband Technology

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