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MAAREE WRU Partnership in White Empower Bras

MAAREE Becomes the Official Sports Bra Provider for

The Welsh Rugby Union

Welsh Rugby Union Partnership

We at MAAREE are so thrilled to announce our new partnership with the Welsh Rugby Union to become their official sports bra provider. Additionally, this partnership goes much deeper than many will know.
WRM MAAREE Plum Solidarity Bra Kicking Rugby Ball

A full circle moment for Mari

As the founder of MAAREE, I have always had a keen interest in sport from a young age. Not only playing sport but watching live sport too.

Being from South Wales myself, I was passionate about supporting Wales Rugby. I not only went to watch many matches growing up, but I did a work experience stint with the WRU in my teens.

MAAREE Black Solidarity Sports Bra overlay on Welsh Rugby Union Shirt on turf

Fast Forward 20 Years

This year, I returned to the very building where I once stood as a intern, but this time, to lead a photoshoot with the players, fit them with our game-changing sports bras, and officially equip them as they gear up for victory.

We are now their official sports bra provider. An experience that hasn't gone undervalued and one I’ll never forget.

Welsh Rugby Players Women In gym wearing MAAREE black Empower Sports Bra

Looking Ahead

Our partnership with the WRU comes at a time when the world is vibrating with the spirit of female empowerment, further fuelled by the recent celebration of International Women's Day.

This collaboration is not just about providing high-quality sports bras to these strong and impressive players, but a symbol of women supporting women in every field.

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What's Underneath Matters

MAAREE WRU Before Image
MAAREE WRU Sports Bra After
MAAREE Sports Bra on Abbie Welsh Rugby Union in Changing Room

Preparation is Key

As female sport is still widely (and wrongly) considered an afterthought to mens. Which means the sports bra is often forgotten about when the kit is just a copy/paste of the men's.

With athletes and coaches striving everyday to improve that 1%, a supportive sports bra can be a game-changer in this field.

Get the Gear

Dress Like the Players


Hannah Jones

“We’ve had the opportunity to trial a variety of sports bras from MAAREE which has been brilliant.  As women we all have differing requirements that impact how we’re able to perform both in training and on the pitch so being able to select products that work for us individually is fantastic. 

A well-fitted sports bra is an essential piece of kit for any elite female athlete and we’re delighted to have support from such an esteemed Welsh brand heading into our Guinness Women’s Six Nations campaign.”

MAAREE & WRU Partnership Changing Room Kit

Join the Girl Gang

Supported by MAAREE

Supported by MAAREE is our way to extend a supporting arm to our community with the aim of introducing more women to a greater level of support, and in turn a great level of enjoyment when active.

Our founder Mari sums it up nicely "I was a very sporty child, which carried on into my teenage years as my body began to develop. I saw so many of my friends drop out of sport due to inadequate support from their clothing."

"Since starting MAAREE, I have seen the lack of education and understanding around support continue into adult years. Supported by MAAREE is a way of providing a wave of education, resources and influence over a wider audience. We support you, and in turn, the message around support is spread far and wide."

By joining 'Supported by MAAREE' you could be extended opportunities such as product or order discounts, sports bra fittings, education and resources around sports bra fitting, including access to events and workshops.

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Need Further Assistance?

We’ve got you covered. Send us an email at support@maaree.com and we’ll be happy help!