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Solidarity Richtlinien für die BH-Anprobe

Watch our comprehensive video about the Solidarity Bra fit.

Solidarity Bra Fit FAQs

  1. When checking your bra size, always start with the underband size first. As changing the size of the underband will, most likely, will have a knock-on effect on the cup size needed.
  2. Most issues with sizing I see are actually underband-related, not cup-related. Luckily, this is the easiest one to resolve. You can easily check this at-home yourself. Please visit Sizing Guidelines for further assistance.
  3. Your underband must sit in the indentation beneath your breast. Do not pull down the underband further than this, as it will being the entire bra fabric down too. This issue might then be wrongly mistaken for the cup being too small a size. If you are able to pull it down, it's likely that you're wearing an underband size too big.
underband issue


A large majority of your support comes from the underband, so you want a fit that is comfortably tight on the loosest clasp when you bra fist arrives. It shouldn't be a struggle to connect the clasp around your back nor should it restrict your breathing, otherwise it's too tight. Your bra gets very slightly bigger as it's worn over time, so this is the smallest your bra will ever feel.

If it gaps in the front, rides up at the back or you're able to pull it away from your body at the back by more than an inch or so, then you'll need to size down. Most women accidentally wear an underband size that is 1 or 2 sizes too big for them. I see this issue regularly still when I speak to women in my Zoom fittings. It's important to measure this correctly on a regular basis, even when you think you know your size. It's the biggest helping hand you can give yourself when ensuring you're getting your right fit.

Underband guidelines

Important: If you are changing your underband size, you cups size will like need to change your cup letter (even if you want to keep the same cup size you currently have). For example, if you had a size 34D but want to go down an underband size only, you new size will be 32DD, NOT 32D. Please visit Sister Sizing for more information.

This issue can often be mistake for a cup size issue. However, most of the time this is down to the underband size being too big.

When wearing an underband size that is too big for you means that the bra is wider than it needs to be on your body. Going down in a size here will bring down the position of this wing fabric and away from your armpit.

Most of a support from a bra comes from the underband. If you feel like you're not getting enough support when worn, I would always advise revisiting the underband size that you have. Even if you think you've been this size for a long time. It's likely that it's (at least) one size too big for you.

Many women have been measured in shops where they are told to add 2-4 inches to their bra size, compared to what they measure. For example, you may have measured as 32 inches, but have been told to buy a 34 or even 36 size bras. This is NOT true and you do not need to do this with our bra. What you measure as is what you will need. Please double check your underband size to ensure you haven't been told this in the past.

An extra tip to getting that extra boost of support, is to connect you shoulder straps to convert the bra to a racer back.

This is absolutely nothing to worry about. We are all different shapes and sizes, so some of us will have more cleavage showing than others in this bra. So this alone is nothing to worry about.

The Overband® needs to rest just over top of your breasts, stopping them from travelling upward when you're active. So if you're finding that the Overband® is sitting lower on your chest - almost across it - then you will need size up to raise its position.

Overband Guidelines

On the other hand, if the Overband isn't sitting on your boobs at all and is too high, you will need to size down in the cup so that it can apply that much needed downward pressure.

With a good-fitting cup there won't be any excess fabric gathering at the front or gapping at the top of the cup. If you find that your bra does this then you'll need to go down a cup size or two until you fully fill the volume.

Cup Guidelines

MAAREE sports bras have quite high coverage, so most of your chest will be covered by the fabric. If you find that you have a lot of excess skin spilling over the sides or over the top then you will need to increase your cups side to ensure sufficient coverage. However, please if you find that the wrinkling is on the wings, not the cup, the underband size will likely be the issue.

MAAREE sports bras have quite high coverage, so most of your chest will be covered by the fabric. If you find that you have a lot of excess skin spilling over the sides or over the top then you will need to increase your cups side to ensure sufficient coverage.

If you need further assistance please book a FREE 15-min online bra fitting with us. Slots are available most days of the week and it's the best and most accurate way to determine your sizing. Furthermore, if you prefer you reach out to us via email, you can contact us here.

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