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Christmas Gift Guide

The big day will be here before we know it! Get ahead on your gifting (or treat yourself) with our top 4 favourites.

Warrior-Ready Wearables

The Sisterhoodie, with its snug fit, is perfect for running enthusiasts, featuring a unique GPS watch window on the sleeve for easy tracking.

The Oversized Uplift Hoodie offers a cozy embrace, ideal for gym sessions or relaxing evenings.

Gift the spirit of strength and comfort with these thoughtfully designed hoodies, making every woman feel like a warrior.

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Maaree three sports bras

Supportive Style Revolution

Discover the pinnacle of support our range of Sports Bras, featuring innovative Overband® Technology.

Catering to diverse preferences, we offer various styles, designs, and impact levels.

Whether seeking to accentuate shape, ensure support, or enjoy the convenience of a phone-sized pocket, our bras cater to every need.

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Step Into Comfort

Elevate the fitness routine with our recently launched Socks collection.

The re-released Ankle sock is a runner's dream, offering snug support and breathability, while the new Crew size is perfect for gym enthusiasts seeking extra coverage.

A step towards enhanced comfort and performance. Surprise your loved ones with this essential gear, supporting their fitness journey.

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Maaree digital gift card

Fit & Fabulous Gifting

The epitome of thoughtful gifting. Instantly delivered digitally, our Gift Card eliminates the worry of size selection with a complimentary online fitting session.

This gift card isn’t just a purchase; it's an invitation to get the perfect fit and support.

Ideal for those who wish to give the gift of MAAREE but prefer to leave the specifics to the receiver.

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