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Breast Health Awareness Month: Your Guide to Self-Examinations

Autumn is in full swing and Christmas is fast approaching. However, let's not skip past October too quickly, as it is Breast Health Awareness Month, a crucial time to focus on your breast health. At MAAREE, we are deeply committed to supporting this important cause, and our longstanding relationship with the charity CoppaFeel! has allowed us to work together to spread awareness and promote early detection.

Why Breast Health Awareness Month Matters

Breast Health Awareness Month (BHAM) is an annual campaign dedicated to educating individuals about the importance of breast health and early detection of breast cancer. The campaign is designed to empower people of all genders to take charge of their health through regular breast self-examinations.

MAAREE's Partnership with CoppaFeel!

MAAREE Coppafeel trek

At MAAREE, we are proud to have a long-standing partnership with CoppaFeel!. Our commitment to breast health awareness led me to participate in the Scottish Highland Trek in 2021 alongside celebrities like Giovanna Fletcher, Candice Brown, Gemma Atkinson and my team captain Selasi. Together, we trekked to raise awareness and support CoppaFeel!'s mission of educating young people about the importance of early detection.

The Importance of Self-Examinations

One of the most powerful ways to take control of your breast health is by performing regular self-examinations. CoppaFeel! provides an excellent resource on their website, Know Your Normal, which guides you through the process of understanding what is normal for your breasts. This resource helps you become familiar with how your breasts look and feel so that you can easily detect any changes.

How to Check Your Boobs for Cancer

Knowing how to check your breasts for cancer is a critical skill that everyone should possess. CoppaFeel! offers a comprehensive guide on their website, How Do I Check?, which explains the step-by-step process of performing a breast self-examination. Regular self-checks can lead to early detection, which is often the key to successful treatment and recovery.

Join Our BHAM Challenge

Breast Health Awareness Month is a time for action. At MAAREE, we are dedicated to raising awareness and making a difference. Join in with our BHAM challenge for October now by helping us achieve 80,085 bounces. We'll be updating a running total everyday and we'll need your help! So join us in spreading the word about breast health awareness.MAAREE CHallenge

Stay Informed and Stay Safe

In conclusion, Breast Health Awareness Month is an important time to prioritise your breast health. By educating yourself on how to check your breasts for cancer and taking action through regular self-examinations, you can play a vital role in early detection and potentially saving lives.

To learn more about what Breast Health Awareness Month is all about and to explore our ongoing relationship with CoppaFeel! and our #BraHijack partnership, read our previous blog post here. Together, we can raise awareness and make a significant impact on breast health awareness.

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