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Young blonde haired girl looking awkward standing in a white t-shirt bra getting fitted by another person

Das Gute, das Schlechte und das Unangenehme: Wie war deine allererste BH-Anprobe?

Getting a bra fitting can be a daunting experience, especially for those who are doing it for the first time. It can be nerve-wracking to undress in front of a stranger and have them measure you, but a well-fitting bra can make all the difference. 

Unfortunately, many of us are associating our first bra-fittings with bad memories. We asked our Instagram followers to share their first-hand experiences, and here's what we found.

Girl getting an awkward bra fitting

Women share their very first fitting experiences

I was intrigued to know if fittings were a predominantly positive or negative experience. Here's what some of you said:

(As initially promised, all entries have been kept anonymous and other brand/shop names have been removed.)

The Good

"Was amazing to feel someone knew it was important to check fit for the larger ladies."

"I went with my sisters so it was fun! I hadn't realised bras were supposed to fit!"

"I was 20 years old and a well-endowed roommate told me they existed! I finally felt seen."

"My first ever fitting was at age 30 with Maaree!! So it went really well!"

"It was with Paige [MAAREE fitter] so it was good. Never before that. I'm 38."

"I remember my sisters saying 'she needs to start wearing a bra' to my mum which I found mortifying because I was earlier than my friends. I remember first time I needed to go to a big bra shop. Also mortifying until I for there and suddenly I felt great because i finally found things that FITTED."

"I was in my teens, with my Mum in [department store]. Embarrassing but my Mum was amazing & supportive"

The Bad

"Dreaded it, just felt so embarrassed."

"Cold tape measure round me in [department store] changing room handed ugly itchy bra by a 60yr old lady"

"Some older ladies only talked to my mum not me and just made me feel like an idiot"

"Awful... my mum and a woman who have been out of Matilda. frightening/scarring"

"I was 10 - I was already a C-cup and they wouldn't let me try an underwire because of my age!"

"Mine was awful. I was pregnant and they tried selling me a bra that was already too small!"

"Omg was So horrible! Young. Self conscious. Old lady. Cold hand. Mum there. Dying as - teenage. And bras weren't CUTE they were beige or white MONSTERS or a squish 'sports' bra crop. Nothing like today! Now still hard. Young girls trying to fit post baby lopsided uneven boobs. Urgh."

"Horrendous, but I was warned by my mother - she was told the same thing 'brickies back'"

The Awkward

"Over 15 years ago, aged 13, grew overnight, only option was a huge 3 clasp beast! Cried a lot!"

"Awful! Forthright older woman stripped me off, lots of touching, hated it!"

"I've never been to one. And I'm 32..."

"Totally bloody awful. Big boobs young, awful bras, felt embarrassed."

"Mainly remember a lot of beige, black or white bras for my size, which was always a bit sad."

"Someone with very cold hands lol"

"Recently in [department store] mine was done by sight only... no tape measure & didn't fit."

"[Department store] as a teenager - fire alarm went off, absolutely mortified in street getting dressed!"

"Horrible. Was young and they were patronising, loads of chat about looking nice for boys."

Eye-opening and recurring themes

It's no wonder so many people are nervous getting a bra fitting. We have so many people associating their first bra fitting with a bad memory. Whether it's the fitter themselves, the feeling of embarrassment or leaving the appointment with an ill-fitting bra, making the whole ordeal feel a bit pointless.

However, it's important to note that many people have also mentioned it being a positive experience. When you go along with someone for moral support who is possibly more knowledgable in the subject then they can be understanding and help take the embarrassment away. Not to mention, walking away with a well-fitting and supportive bra can sometimes be, literally, a weight off your shoulders.

How was your first experience?

Do any of the above experiences sound familiar to you? How can the industry change to make sure we can improve things for future generations? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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