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MAAREE black Solidarity Bra Best in test

MAAREE Sports Bra gewinnt "Best in Test für größere Brüste"

MAAREE Black Solidarity Sports Bra Black

In Women's Running Magazine June 2019 issue, they conducted an independent review of 12 sports bras for big boobs.

"Getting the right support is essential, and is key to a good run"

The sports bras chosen included sports bras from well-established and big companies like Shock Absorber, Panache, Brooks, Freya, Under Armour and more. So I was so incredibly honoured to be compared to some of the biggest brands out there.

My little idea, my sports bra design that I had been working on for years is now not only a reality, but now going toe-to-toe with the big guys. What is happening?!

However, I was not prepared for the results...

Women's Running Magazine Sports Bra review for big boobs

And the winner is...

MAAREE Solidarity high-Impact Sports Bra

I couldn't believe it! Winner! With 5-starts and a glowing review.

"This could be your new best friend. The fit is true to size and the small adjustable straps are really useful. There's minimal bounce and the clever design minimises the shape of the breast without you feeling strapped in and restricted, offering amazing support.The fabric is super soft with no danger of chafing even on a long run. It's machine washable and easy to try. Winner."

I have the first sports bras in the world to incorporate Overband® Technology; a curved panel that runs over the top fo the breasts to reduce upward motion when active, not just downward. Because boobs move in every direction.


MAAREE Overband Technology

It's so great to see my design making such a great impact, performing to the level we claim and helping so many women out there.

The Solidarity Bra is one of two bras in my debut collection, which launched in December 2018. The size ranges from 32C to 38G and has an adjustable Overband® so that you can tailor the fit to your specifications needs and shape.

"Founded by a sports bra tester who grew tired of waiting for someone to design her ultimate bra, MAAREE founder, Mari Thomas, decided to design and manufacture her own."

MAAREE sports bra best in test

Be sure to get your copy now or download your digital version of Women's Running Magazine here.

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